Choosing VeniceArt® means making an ethical choice.

Every day we work with passion, dedication and ingenuity, putting our experience and our technical and creative skills to life to give life to a new concept of furnishing and living in the home.

We want to create a sustainable design that does not exploit nature, but that is consciously and consciously part of it.

It is for this reason that, in VeniceArt® , we use only top quality materials, chosen because they are eco-sustainable, long-lasting and able to preserve the environmental balance and biodiversity.

We believe that sustainable furniture , which respects the planet and ensures a reduced environmental impact, is possible.

We have chosen to support nature for a truly sustainable present and future. We have chosen to create, without wasting.

Lightness, longevity, ductility, brilliance, resistance and hyper-sustainability.

Steel and aluminum represent a precious resource for our planet, but also for the future of energy. Always present in our daily life, they can be reconverted indefinitely, without ever losing their intrinsic original qualities.

They are 100% recyclable and sustainable. Thanks to the high performance, mechanical characteristics and high resistance, in fact, they last a long time without ever losing their strength and their valuable appearance.

Steel holds the primacy among the most recycled materials in the world and aluminum allows to reduce up to 95% of the CO2 emissions to be produced, starting from the raw material.

Furthermore, the mineral from which aluminum is obtained is present in nature in large quantities and constitutes almost 8% of the earth's crust. We can, therefore, consider its production almost unlimited and potentially destined to last for thousands of years.

This is why VeniceArt® is sustainable . Each of our furnishing accessories can last forever or become a new design object for any market, from technology to furniture.

From nature to nature, with respect

The wood we use to make our products comes from responsibly and sustainably managed European forests. Here, strict social, environmental and economic standards are met.

All VeniceArt® furnishing accessories are FSC® certified ( Forest Stewardship Council ), a brand established by the homonymous international non-governmental, independent and non-profit organization that aims to promote the sustainability of forests and preserve biodiversity and the balance of local ecosystems.

Thanks to the constant regeneration of the trees, which are born every day in the FSC® forests, we can create extraordinary and unique furniture directly from nature, without ever ceasing to protect and preserve it.

Sustainability, therefore, but also aesthetics, style and Italian design. For our line of products dedicated to furniture we use only solid wood, known to the world for its great resistance over time and for its beauty, on the other hand, timeless.

Leather yes, but regenerated

The future scenario of a 100% sustainable design is increasingly topical. We at VeniceArt® have made this vision our own and made it concrete by also using regenerated leather for the creation of our furniture and furnishing accessories.


Leather, which has always been synonymous with resistance, is still today one of the most widely used materials in the fashion and furniture industry. Yet, these only use 30% of the waste of hides and skins for the production of clothes, footwear, furnishing accessories and for the upholstery of tables and chairs.

In the great leather and leather supply chain, therefore, the need to manage waste was born so that leather and leather are not wasted, but regenerated.

The answer to this waste is precisely regenerated leather , which comes from an innovative grinding process of leather and hide scraps, from processing with natural rubber of vegetable origin and, finally, from an accurate trimming process.

The result is a leather that has nothing to envy to traditional leather, but which rather simulates perfectly its beauty, toughness and sturdiness.

Thanks to the use of recycled leather, OEKO-TEX certified , we are sure to guarantee our customers an eco-friendly , high quality, durable and 100% cruelty-free product, which has the same characteristics of aesthetics, resistance and usability as traditional leather.

This is the power of sustainability . This is VeniceArt® .