We love to define ourselves as artisans in a world that runs fast and where everything inevitably becomes standardized.

We love to innovate, but keeping firmly the thread that binds us to the art of master craftsmen and to the history of Italian manufacturing. We go against the tide because we know that beauty lies in the smallest details and in the uniqueness of the product.

The tools, processes, styles and fashions change, but the search for quality and attention to detail in all phases of product development and creation do not change.

In VeniceArt® , we combine the passion for ancient crafts and the authenticity of hand-made products with new technologies and a taste for the contemporary.

A creative nature and a modern mood that are enriched by the irreplaceable charm of Italian design.

This is the secret of our craftsmanship .

Each product is designed and created to surprise, inspire and improve the lives of our customers.

The entire line of VeniceArt® furnishing accessories is conceived, designed and handcrafted in Italy, with materials selected for the high standards of quality, resistance and durability.

We follow every step of the process with dedication, from concept to manufacturing, to ensure our customers a rigorous, transparent and reliable local production.

VeniceArt® celebrates Made in Italy in the world and is the spokesperson for Italian excellence and the irreplaceable value of handmade furniture. A brand that is already synonymous with craftsmanship and professionalism, with a range of furnishing accessories able to satisfy all style and use needs.

Croma coffee tableScrigno shelf (60 cm)Score Shelf (45 cm)Triade shelf (60 cm)Triade shelf (45 cm)


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