VeniceArt® was born from the continuous research of the idea of the product, which is transformed into a concrete, essential object devoted to efficiency. From the living room to the kitchen, architecture and furniture come together to create an environment with a recognizable, elegant, no-frills style.

The home thus becomes a personal, intimate and unique space to be designed and adapted to your needs. With simplicity.

A modular, eclectic and timeless Italian design

VeniceArt® has decided to carry on the authentic beauty of Italian design to create furnishing elements with an international and contemporary taste. Our goal is to inspire anyone who wants to furnish their home with functional solutions, essential lines and with a contemporary and, at the same time, timeless style.

Not only a choice of design and aesthetics , but also attention to detail and high quality Italian materials , chosen for their durability, solidity and wide versatility, perfectly consistent with the idea of a modern and future-oriented furniture.

The VeniceArt® product line was born from a clear, precise and refined idea of its founder, the company's designer, and his team of furniture professionals.

After working internationally, within multinationals and as production manager, the founder of VeniceArt® had the opportunity to follow all the phases of the product production process, from design to finishing.

This has allowed him to enter the world of interior design at full speed and to bring his vision and know-how within the company where today, together with a young and creative team of designers and artisans, he follows every phase of the production process, designing and developing innovative, original and modular solutions capable of fully expressing the philosophy and identity of the brand.

Croma coffee tableScrigno shelf (60 cm)Score Shelf (45 cm)Triade shelf (60 cm)Triade shelf (45 cm)


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