Artisanal, innovative and strongly oriented towards sustainability, VeniceArt® is a 100% Italian brand capable of combining the charm of modern design and the uniqueness of handmade Italian furniture , with an avant-garde and future-oriented approach.

Every day, we create furnishing accessories that meet the need for modern, functional and elegant home furnishings , with the aim of inspiring and changing the concept of living.

From an idea of authentic style and a project studied in detail, we have created a furniture without sacrifices, which combines beauty, efficiency and simplicity.

Aesthetics and functionality, without compromise

We believe that the home is a place to fully experience, an intimate and comfortable space in which to surround yourself with objects capable of telling the identity and history of those who live there.

Thanks to the VeniceArt® furnishing accessories, the home can be transformed into a safe corner in which to build memories and relationships, but also into a functional and exclusive space, tailored to your needs and without sacrifices: this is the design we love.

We have chosen to work sustainably and to create multifunctional, multifaceted and versatile products. VeniceArt® is a brand born from the desire to create a minimal, contemporary and essential design, which adapts to every style and space requirement.

In fact, all our products stand out for their ease of use and usability, but also for their excellent resistance and durability.

Whether it's the furnishing of a bathroom, a living area or an open-space kitchen, with VeniceArt® you are sure to find all the possible solutions and combinations to make every room surprisingly comfortable.

Furniture tailored to your life.

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